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Resumen del proyecto / Project's summary

Planteamiento inicial (respuestas al cuestionario) / Initial approach (first day questionnaire)

1. Describe the goal of the project in 3 sentences (which message do you want to carry? to whom?)
Focus on the interactions between real transaction and the behavioural transaction as represented by the spanish financial system and the daily newspaper as well as Twitter coverage; This is a time specific project at multiple level: from the lenght of the project to the way the data is collected;

Juxtapose financial data with everyday events to build a tool for citizens regarding “invisible” behaviours connected to financial world;
2. What are the inspiring projects and theories)? (background, context, references,...)
From Gold standards theories (currency connected to something real) to digitalisation of values (and all that can involve virtual money); Stock markets from the point of view of space (access point for global capital coming into the nation states and the contraddiction of the amalgamation of the stock market); the idea of objectivity coming from the element of quickness “as represented” as the time-collection of data;

Context: Madrid as the capital of Spain. Madrid as the starting point for a vision throughout the world;
3. What is the short-term objective (what do you expect to finish in 2 weeks)?
Build the project prototype to illustrate the relationships (or non-relationships) between the financial market (IBEX 35) and the daily life of 'madrilenos';
4. What is the long term objective (what posterior development do you think of)?'
Build a tool that can track similar advances and data in cities alla around the world for the public to consume and question;
5. What are the data (status, where do they come from, who specifically owns the data?)
Financial data: IBEX 35 (list of 35 companies profiles; total value of the IBEX 35) Company name; Total value of the company; Percentage value of the company as compared to the IBEX; Company Location, other stock markets trading on it (value);

Behaviour datas: Top 2 daily generic newspapers; Top 2 daily economiucal newspapers; Search terms (keywords) to follow; Twitter accounts with hashtag of the company names. (If possible company employers)

6. How will you convert data into some perceptual experience?
To be determined
7. Do you have any assumptions or previous hypothesis? Much of the financial markets are moving: there will be a reaction from newspapers and Twitter. This expresses the disconnect between the quickness of financial market and the ability of humans to understand them. This project aims to be a representation of it

Equipo (nombres y descripción de roles) / Team (names and roles description)

Christopher Pandolfi- background city designer (Project Leader)

Tom Schofield - background art, programming, interaction design,

Tatjana Vukelic - background in media art. Video, graphic design etc. We need focus on the problem, where is the emphasis? We can start with madrid? Personal financial data?

Carolina Carlini - photography, organisation of projects - schedule etc.

Lorenzo Mazza ( - copywriter, curation, some economic educational background, communicating processes behind economic, bridge gap between counter culture responses to economy and the public. We have a nice metaphor in the hydra! We should take this forward.

Shan Wang: marketing, management and media studies;

Juan Morales: coder and compiler; econmical studies;

Datos / Sources, data structure, etc

Desarrollo /Development process

Algunas fotos que ilustran el desarrollo del proyecto



<span />Pensandolainformacion.jpgPensandolarepresentacion.jpg



Tecnologías y herramientas / Tools

Prototipo final / Final prototype

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