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Interactivos?'08: Vision Play

Interactivos?'08: Vision Play event will take place from May 30 to June 14, 2008. This seminar-workshop will be directed by Alvaro Cassinelli and Simone Jones, with the participation of Daniel Canogar, Pablo Valbuena, Julian Oliver, Pix and Ángela Ramos, in adition to many collaborators. . Besides the two-week workshop, seminars, lectures and miniworkshops will also be held.

place: [Medialab-Prado]. Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 · Madrid


Spiral Drawing Sunrise - Esther Polak
Bloop - Martín Nadal
M.A.S.K. (My Alter Self Konciousness) - Jordi Puig
Stage Fright - Nova Jiang
360º score - Philippe Chatelain
Immodesty - Karolina Sobecka
Daedalus ex Machina-DexM - Walter Langelaar
Expanded Eye - Anaísa Franco
Augment(0)scope - Eloi Maduell
Biophionitos - Paola Guimerans, Horacio González, Igor González


List of needed materials


Each group should design a poster to print it in the plotter. You can include texts and pictures, don't forget to write: project's title and names of everyone participating.

Size: maximum 90 x 120 cm
formats: tiff, illustrator, pdf, jpg
resolution: 300dpi

send it to <>

DEAD LINE Friday 12am!!


June 2nd

10-12: set-up workspace, list materials
12-2: mini-workshop by Simone Jones
5-7: critiques
7: presentation by Alejandro Echeverri: La transformación de Medellín 2000-2007: entre arquitectura de autor y urbanismo social
7-9: working

June 3rd

10-12: mini-workshop by Simone Jones
12-12:30: [SVN] presentation by Pix
5-7: critiques
7-9: working

June 4th

10-12: mini-workshop by Simone Jones
12-2: critique MASK
4-5: critique Expanded Eye
5: buy construction materials (some people)
7-9: working

June 5th

10-12: mini-workshop by Simone Jones
4:30-7: critiques (Bloop, 360º Score)
7-9: Interactivos? Seminar - José Luis Brea The Era of the e-image. New Scopic Systems (spanish, no translation)

June 6th

10-11:30: Final Arduino/Processing mini-workshop by Simone Jones
12:30-2:30-7: collaborators short presentation

SIGN UP!: Emanuel Andel, Sophie, Gwen, Colette

5-7: Julian Oliver: Augmented Reality mini-workshop

SIGN UP!: alvaro, pablo, gwen, simone, karolina, walter, tais ....

8:00-8:45: all works discuss how to organize the exhibition space. everyone should be there!!!

Sunday June 8th

11:00-2:30: optional work day

June 9th

10:30-12:30: all groups present their project (10 min). DIscuss succeses, changes, and especially problems and needs. That's the oppprtunity to ask for help!!

June 10th

12:30-2:30: collaborators short presentation


Julian Koschwitz
Pablo Ripollés
2:30-8:45: work on projects

June 11th

opening time: 9:30

June 12th

opening time: 9:30
7: Interactivos seminar: Jimena Canales Ojo por ojo: sobre la moralidad cinematográfica(spanish, no translation)
close time: midnight

June 13th

setting up
opening time: 9:30
Dead line for project' posters - deliver to Sonia or Leo in a pen drive or send it directly to <>
close time: midnight

June 14th

10-2:30: finishing setting up
6:30pm: public final presentation
23pm: Party. On behalf of Medialab-Prado, we request the pleasure of your company at the closing party of Interactivos?08 that will take place at: Pub Cópola. Hermenegildo, 7 (Metro: San Bernardo). Open until 03:30. We have reserved the pub and have arranged drinks discounts. We will all need to wear identification to take advantage of the discounts, you can pick up your identification from Medialab.

After this, we'll go to Low Club (Metro: Plaza de España) or Sirocco Club (c/ San Dimas 4).

On behalf of Medialab-Prado, we would like to thank all of you for taking part in Interactivos?08.

Abraham Manzanares, Alexander Narváez, Álvaro Cassinelli, Ana Montejana, Anaísa Franco, Ángela Ramos, Carla Capeto, Carles Gutiérrez, Carlos Corpa, Carlos Panero, Clayton Shaw, Coco Moya, Colette La liberté, Cristina Branco, Daniel Canogar, Daniel Fernández, Daniel Pietrosemoli, Eduardo Navas, Edwin Dertien, Eloi Maduell, Esther Polak, Felipe del Águila, Gabriel Lucas, Guillermo Casado, Gwenn Joyaux, Horacio González, Igor González, Izaskum Escandón, Jacqueline Steck, Jordi Puig, José Miguel Medrano, Julian Oliver, Karolina Sobecka, Laura Fernández, Laura Olalde , Laureano Solis, Leonor Soto, Lorena Campos, Mar Canet, Marcos García, Max Kazemzadeh, Mónica Cachafeiro, Mónica Sorribes, Nerea García Garmendia, Nova Jiang , Nuria Quintana Villar, Oswald Aspilla Pérez, Pablo Ripollés, Paola Guimerans, Patricia Larrondo, Paula Pin, Paula Villegas, Philippe Chatelain, Pix, Quique Tomás, Raúl González, Rocío Lara, Sara Velázquez García, Simone Jones, Sofy Yuditskaya, Sonia Díez Thale, Sytse Wieringa, Tais Biels Rey, Tio Patinhas, Valeria Marraco, Víctor Mazón, Walter Langelaar, Wendy Ann Mansilla, Yolanda Spínola.


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Mini-workshops by Simone Jones at Interactivos?'08

Workshop on Phisycal Computing by Álvaro Cassinelli at the Yotsuya Art Studium

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