Interactivos?'10: Ciencia de Barrio

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Interactivos? '10: Ciencia de Barrio


Interactivos?'10: Ciencia de barrio es un taller para el desarrollo colaborativo de diez proyectos seleccionados mediante convocatoria internacional. Estas propuestas tratan de recoger o ponen en acción redes de colaboración y conocimiento ciudadano en el entorno local, utilizando tecnologías de software y hardware libre y metodologías “hazlo tú mismo” (DIY) o "hazlo con otros" (DIWO).

El evento incluye un seminario internacional durante los días7 y 8 de junio, en el que se presentarán publicamente los proyectos y comunicaciones seleccionadas, junto con las conferencias de Langdon winners, y los profesores del taller Douglas Repetto, el colectivo Platoniq y Andres Burbano.

Profesores del taller: Douglas Repetto, colectivo Platoniq y el equipo de trabajo compuesto por Alejandro Araque, Andrés Burbano, Alejandro Duque y Alejandro Tamayo.

Asistentes técnicos del taller: Massimo Avvisati, Pablo Ripollés, Yago Torroja y Gustavo Valera.

Mediadores culturales:  María Botella, Daniel Santiago, Rosa Suárez e Irene Vicente.

Interactivos?'10: Ciencia de barriois a workshop for the collaborative development of 10 chosen prjects selected in an international call. These proposals will try to collect or get into action collaborative networks and citizen knowledge around the local area, using free software and hardware, and DIY and DIWO methodologies. 

This event will include an international seminar on the 7th and 8th of June, in which the selected projects and communications will be presented, with the Langdon winners lectures, and the lectures from the workshop teachers Douglas Repetto, the collective Platoniq and Andres Burbano. 

Workshop teachers: Douglas Repetto, collective Platoniq and the work team composed by Alejandro Araque, Andrés Burbano and Alejandro Tamayo.

Technical assistants: Massimo Avvisati, Pablo Ripollés, Yago Torroja and Gustavo Valera.

Cultural mediators: María Botella, Daniel Santiago, Rosa Suárez and Irene Vicente.



Wiki LabtoLab

The second Labtolab (international meeting of medialabs) will take place in the city of Madrid, and will be coordinated by Medialab-Prado. It will be held from june 7th through 11th 2010.

Apart from the five European medialabs that started the project, for the next meeting in Madrid it is expected to have other european and latin american projects participating as well.

On June 7th it will also begin the intensive production workshop of Interactivos? line of work at Medialab-Prado, which theme for this edition is Neighborhood Science. Hence, Labtolab meeting and and Interactivos? workshop will coincide both in time and topic. As Labtolab project was born under the premise of building up and maintaining a network of medialabs in order to share experiences and methodologies, it looks interesting to explore on this second encounter the idea of the medialab as a neighborhood laboratory.

Thus, after Budapest’s first contact, Madrid will serve to concrete thematically the discussions, in order to elaborate a documentation corpus that will persist and, for instance, serve as a guide for whoever willing to start a project with similar characteristics with what has been called a “medialab”.

The concrete proposal of Madrid’s meeting consits on working on and over local institutions as study cases. Participants will meet during three days on different cultural/social/artistic spaces with notably different characteristics in terms of space, infrastructures, geographical context, users community, program, financing model, management types, etc. These meetings will start from a basic questionnaire, previously answered by all the participants (both studied institutions and visitor medialabs), and from the analysis of the concrete case will start a debate and a series of workshops/debates about themes previously proposed by the analyzed institutions themselves. At the end of every journey, a pooling of results will take place in Medialab-Prado.

Labtolab relation with Interactivos? will be specially strong during the first two days, june 7th and 8th: on 7th evening, selected projects for Interactivos? will be presented, and all along june 8th will take place conferences and communications that, with Neighborhood science as their main topic, will link theoretical and conceptually both events and their participants.

For more info about LabtoLab and its program, please check the web and the Wiki LabtoLab

Documentación / Documentation

Proyectos / Projects

Barrio proyectos.jpg

Comunicaciones / Papers

Imágenes / Images

Monday 7th

Tuesday 8th

Wednesday 9th

Thursday 10th

Friday 11th

Saturday 12th

Thursday 17th


Agenda / Schedule


Día de trabajo / work day


Día de trabajo / work day


19:00 h. Presentación final de los proyectos desarrollados / Final presentation of the developed projects

Se irá pasando el micrófono por cada grupo / Each group will present their project on the mic

23:00 h. Fiesta de Cierre de Interactivos?'10 / Interactivos?'10 Closing Party

Bar: Cotton Club

Calle Huertas, 55

Hora: de 11:00 pm - 3:00 am DJ Carlos Carré

Precio: Beers: 3€ Drinks: 6€ Cócteles: 7€

Actividades externas / External activities

  • Saturday: June, 19th.

Ana (cultural mediator) plays in Madrid. Bar Fotomatón. 21:30. C/ San Bernardino, 2. Metro : Plaza de España. 5 €.

  • A partir del 1 de junio / from june 1st. Matadero.

Me suena raro!! de Carolina Caycedo. Recreación de paisajes sonoros de ciudades / soundscapes of cities recreation.


  • A partir del 9 de junio / from june 9th. Varios lugares / several places.

Photoespaña. Festival internacional de fotografía / International photography festival.


  • A partir del 10 de junio / from june 10th. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

Exposición: Manhattan, uso mixto. Fotografía y otras prácticas artísticas desde 1970 al presente/ Exhibition: Mixed Use, Manhattan: Photography and Related Practices 1970s to the present.


  • Todos los domingos desde las 9.00 hasta las 15.00 / Every Sunday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Rastro de Madrid / Madrid's most popular open air flea market.


  • Friday 18

Two nice indie bands at SoulStation: (13 €)

I'll go, if anyone else wants to come is welcome. (Sergio)

Materiales / Materials

Gente / People

This new section follows sugestions made by some workshop participants. In it, each of you can create a new page with your name to publish information about yourself, your interests and ideas in relation to the "Neighborhood Science" topic and other information (links, references, etc) about your activities that could be interesting to other workshop participants for future collaborations.


Colaboradores / Collaborators

Cómo subir archivos a la wiki / How to upload files to the wiki

Cómo elaborar los posters y hojas de sala / How to elaborate the posters and the Information Sheets

Cómo incrustar vídeos en la wiki / How to embed videos in the wiki

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