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Descripción del proyecto / Descripction of the project

Consiste en una instalacion interactiva para el reciclaje de aquellas imágenes digitales desechadas por un público anónimo. Se propone recopilar, contar y transformar dichas imágenes, para luego transformarlas en un fenómeno natural: un arco iris. La pregunta fundamental del proyecto es: adónde van las esas imágenes digitales que desechamos? Rainbows es una acción práctica para metamorfosear nuestra basura digital.

It is an interactive solar installation for recycling digital images discarded by an anonymous public. The goal is to gather, count and transform those images, to then turn them into a natural phenomenon: a rainbow. The basic question raised by the project is: Where do those digital images we discard go? Rainbows is a practical action so that our digital garbage undergoes a metamorphosis.

When you throw away a digital file, where does it go? Is this garbage piling up somewhere? Is it a threat?

RAINBOWS is a public artwork questioning the consequences of digital image consumption through the creation of magical natural phenomena. This interactive installation uses electronics and muscle-power to transform unwanted digital images into real rainbows. The intervention RAINBOWS is a practical action to metamorphosize our digital garbage.

Documentación (gráficos, fotos y vídeos) / Documentation (graphics, pictures and videos)


full daily progress reports at http://kydkydkyd.blogspot.com

Tecnologías y herramientas / Technologies and tools

technologies and used materials NOW
wood, manual water pump, sprinkler nozzles, arduino microcontroller, python and unix scripts, various electronic components, truck lights, glass prisms, mirrors, cardboard, recycled metal crank system, plastic tubes, linux computer, usb interface, varnish, paint, plastic container, computer fan, computer speaker


Rainbows1.jpg Rainbows2.jpg

See the project outline and diagrams here: http://www.frontierlab.org/rainbows.html

Equipo de desarrollo / Development team

Kyd Campbell [[1]] - project managing, concept, object and interface design, water systems, lighting, optics

Kyd Campbell [frontierlab.org] works, sometimes as a collaborator, sometimes as a project manager, on artistic and curatorial projects focused on the themes of circulation, noise, public inter/action and emotional aspects of human-machine relationships. She is from Montreal, Canada and has moved around constantly since a young age. She is current based in central Europe. She welcomes all forms of collaboration and information exchange. She dreamed up the RAINBOWS project a long time ago and needed magical collaborations in order to realize it.

Daniel Foster-Smith [[2]]- arduino programming, electronic circuits, object and interface design, water systems

Daniel Foster-Smith [danfs.co.uk] is a freelance graphic designer from Northumberland.

Frank Cebreros [[3]] - arduino programming, electronic circuits, water systems, lighting, optics, consulting

Frank Cebreros [myspace.com/hertzmusik] was born in San Isidro in the year 1978. He was a shiningly beautiful child and everyone mistook him for a messiah. He originally wanted to be an astronaut and later a president but finally he started to destroy every appliance in his house and eventually just became an inventor.

Edson Ticona - python and unix programming, linux

Edson Ticona is a programmer from Lima.

Antye Greie aka AGF [[4]] - sound design

Antye Greie aka AGF [poemproducer.com] is an East German singer and digital songwriter, producer, performer, e-poet, calligrapher; a digital media artist known for artistic explorations of digital technology through the deconstruction of language and communication within music and abstract poetry that occurs within sound.

Max Damencour [[5]foulab.org] - last minute emergencies

Contributors before the Interactivos? workshop:

Marius Schebella [[6]schebella.com] + Patrick Valiquet [[http:fragm.net]fragm.net] - python and linux

Roc Jiménez de Cisneros [[7]vivapunani.org] - concept, linux

Enlaces / Links

MediaLab forumm : Foro

project description : http://www.frontierlab.org/rainbows.html

progress blog : http://kydkydkyd.blogspot.com


full reports with images and videos can be found at the following links...

April 15th (Wednesday) Progress


April 16th (Thursday) Progress


April 17th (Friday) Progress


April 18th (Saturday) Progress


April 20th (Monday) Progress


April 21st (Tuesday) Progress


April 22nd (Wednesday) Progress


April 23rd (Thursday) Progress

April 24th (Friday) Progress


April 25th (Saturday) Progress

April 26th (Sunday) Progress

April 27th (Monday) Progress

April 28th (Exhibition) Status Report