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Descripción del proyecto / Descripction of the project

Spad2k vector rompetechos.png

El proyecto consiste en construir y poner a punto una plataforma aérea no tripulada autónoma que sirva como base a una variedad de aplicaciones, y como plataforma de experimentación para proyectos artísticos, técnicos y científicos. Una vez construida, se experimentará con posibles aplicaciones sencillas: arrastre de pancartas, fotografía aérea, adquisición de datos atmosféricos...

Todos los detalles sobre el proyecto se pueden consultar en el mensaje original de la .

Además de este wiki, se puede seguir el avance del proyecto a través de .

Documentación (gráficos, fotos y vídeos) / Documentation (graphics, pictures and videos)

The project is divided in three parts:

Aerial platform

  • Objective: to build and fly an affordable rc model. It should be robust, easy to build, transport and pilot, and with a good payload (300-500 grams). We want to build it with cheap or recycled materials. The reference design is the SPAD2K.

Building the fuselage

  • The first attemtp to make the fuselage out of some kind of recycled extruded plastic tube failed miserably (it looks like rain gutter). The plastic is too thick weighing about 800g (for a target mark of ~ 300g). Trying to carve out the excess material from the frame proved nice and artistic, but unsuccessful. The whole thing is just too heavy and has to be discarded.
  • The second and current prototype -fingers crossed- is still being built around the SPAD2K model in corrugated plastic sheet. We are using two different types of corrugated plastic sheet, heavier for the fuselage and lighter for the wings

We made a long-ish box of square section by measuring, driving a sharp object along the fold lines, then folding the plastic sheet:

Corrugated plastic detail.jpg

  • Althought the material is sturdy, working with corrugated plastic is easy.
  • The resulting box is quite long (+1m) but feels a bit flimsy. Adding reinforcing strips (made also of corrugated plastic) shapes the inner frame and makes everything feel more Private tuition solid.
  • To seal the box around the edge, we glue and then duct tape the whole thing --all high tech projects do.Logo Design Contest
  • A 1cm thick balsa wood square is glued at one end of the box. The motor will be mounted with screws to this.
  • The fuselage resembles a very long incense burner, only it is yellow, plasticky and not very impressive :)

Fuselage detail.jpg

Building the wing

  • Build your wing with great care. Think through every detail, like the orientation of the flutes on the wing or how will the wing attach to the fuselage. If you are using bolts facial masks, think about nuts or protuding parts in the frame. Check how would you attach/dettach the different elements.

Preferably solve all this before actually cutting anything --you may regret it later.

  • Some problems with a nut not fitting into its casing. Our (blunt) approach proved noisier than expected,WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE HAMMERING! :-/
  • After some minor occurences the wing frame is ready:


So, will this plastic box fly...? Check out our non-impressive test flight and find out Media:Rompetechos_planeo.avi !

Navigation system

  • objective: to assemble, program and install the electronics needed for unmanned flight.


  • Objective: to agree on and conduct different experiments based on the rompetechos platform.
  • Some applications suggested to date include:
    • aerial photography
    • banner display
    • scientific data measurements
    • aerial video streaming (virtual flights)
    • flyer dispersal

Tecnologías y herramientas / Technologies and tools

Ardupilot ArduPilot is an inexpensive navigation-only autopilot based on the open-source Arduino platform. Needs a GPS module and FMA Co-Pilot.

FMA Co-Pilot Co-Pilot is a flight Stabilization Unit (FSU) that senses the difference in infrared signature between the earth and the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to provide 100% real time, day or night stabilization about two axes on any model.

EM-406A GPS The EM-406A GPS module from USGlobalSat is based on the SiRF StarIII chipset.

Google Earth This software turns out to be a very helpful interface for mission planning. A Python script to convert KML files to ArduPilot waypoint files.

Autor del proyecto / Project's Author

Igor Gómez Gil de San Vicente

Colaboradores / Collaborators

Fernando Ojeda, Paul Salazar, Taeyoon Choi, Carlos Corpa, ${ESPONTANEOS}

Enlaces / Links

Lista Rompetechos, en el forum de Interactivos09


SPAD2K plans


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