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Descripción del proyecto / Descripction of the project

Los sonidos de la ciencia.png

Los sonidos de la ciencia propone utilizar equipos accesibles y de bajo coste (sobre todo reciclados) para crear remezclas de sonidos e imágenes capturados de nuestro contexto microscópico doméstico-urbano. Se establecerán así algunos ritmos y frecuencias que servirán como partitura musical en un viaje visual que muestre las asombrosas realidades que existen más allá de la visión 100x.

Documentación (gráficos, fotos y vídeos) / Documentation (graphics, pictures and videos)

- 10 - 12 -02 -09

   The last days
  - did some final samples searching
  - marc and anders from astrobiology made me some nice custom sample porters
  - have been designing the layouts , plotter and spec sheet
  - temporarily redirected to site, until we develop some real documentation.

- 09 - 02 - 09

    Ninth day
    - Recolected some samples
    - Did some final retouches on the the patches
    - recorded the first "track" with a durtation of 10min
    - Put toghether a base, recycled from a container
    -  Began working on final presentation for Thursday 

- 07 - 02 - 09

    Eigth day
    - configured the hoontech adc/dac 2000 sound card
    - did some netsend / netreceive and SendOSC / DumpOSC test
    - went on the hunt for some samples
    - fixed some diaphragm problems with the microscope

- 06 - 02 - 09

     Seventh day
    - found some better lighting sources
    - blacked-out some un-necessary lighting
    - created a housing system for the arduino
    - recorded our first fullscreen test 
    - some pictures of our tests 

- 05 - 02 - 09

    Sixth day
    - Put together the new mechanism
    - Carlos created a tray support, so we no longer need to use the amplifier
    - things seem to work more or less, need to find living examples.
    - we have to better the lighting system
    - complied this decoder for using sound files from my mobile 
    - This is our very first video.. 
             -the compression kills the image, it is a little bit better quality,
             - we still have to fix lighting and affine definition

- 04 - 02 - 09

   Fifth day
   - Recollected some samples to try to find protozoa
   - Thought maybe to use different camera, removing lens and just working on the CDD
   - Received a Codanova VMXW midi board to do some mixing
   - Patched a midi-map for all the functions on the VMXW 
   - Assembled the housing mechanisms with carlos in his container at Matadero

- 03 - 02 - 09

   Fourth day
   - Tested the the arduino controlled lens block
   - Tried to find the appropriate distances
   - Worked with Christoph on some sound concepts working with syncgrain~
   - Recorded some sound samples
   - Set up the intranet for the PureData sound system
   - Did some data streaming tests

- 02 - 02 - 09

Third day.
  - Took out a different lens block form new cd-drive, this one is much easer to manipulate 
  - Thanks to Angela,  arduino electric focusing unit is finished. Here is the patch 
  - Thanks to Carlos, we now have on old photography amplifier to use for the structure.. also a small stand for the camera
  - A collaborator from Berlin contacted me by skype and we are talking about make a streaming based sonar performance between Madrid and Berlin

- 31 - 01 - 09

 Second day.
  - We resolved the lighting rig for the microscope, option one is a led to battery, and option to a small travel light.
  - Created the first circuit to find the focusing motor of the lens.
  - have made some plans to do the focusing through arduino
  - did some crude testing of the lens, we came close to the results we want to find..  need to fix the lighting system from interferences.

- 30 - 01 - 09

 First day! Something we accomplished.
 - formation of work group
 - we decided on which diy project to build 
 - on the search of materials
 - recycled on old cd reader for the lens and drive motor
 - visited container in Matadero and some shops for possible components
 - found some optional optics
 - gave some think around the structure of the microscope and electrical circuit

- 29- 01 -09

Alpha test of the patch we plan to use

Tecnologías y herramientas / Technologies and tools

the final puredata patch (requieres to install pdp-openCV -- se below) 
the final arduino setup connecting the motor to pins digital 4 - 8, and a controller between analog 0 and 5v and Gnd pins.
 For this project we are working:
Puredata with the OpenCV external for puredata 
 Other possible language that have been mentioned is Supercollider and Processing

Autor del proyecto / Project's Author

Jay Barros

Colaboradores / Collaborators

Christoph Limbach is a sound artist living in Berlin. He works as set recordist and sound designer for artists like john bock and releases sound/multimedia projects erratically. In the past he did soundperformances in Madrid in(i.e. "dentro-sonido", casa encendida, 2004) and Berlin (super8brennt). This year he will release his first full-length sound-incidences album.

Xabier Vila-Coia. Soy politólogo, antropólogo y artista. He publicado diversos libros de variada temática: poesía experimental, bioética, fotografía, etc. Mis obras han sido adquiridas y expuestas en instituciones de relevancia internacional como el MACBA, ARCO, el Museo Reina Sofía, la Harvard University, la British Library, etc.

Enlaces / Links

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