UKI (a viral game)

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Equipo de desarrollo

Autora de la propuesta

Shu Lea Cheang


Olivier Perriquet

Afroditi Psarra

Abelardo Gil-Fournier

Antonin Fourneau

Magdalini Grigoriadou

Jaume Castells

Oskoff Lovich

Project description

UKI as a viral game sets up an evil GENOM corporation who takes hostage of human body/bodies to set up (after the net-crash) BIONET. The BIONET reformats erythrocytes (red blood cells) as computing units to reprogram and generate ORGANISMO (Organic Orgasmo) which promises self-fulfilled, self-contained orgasm that bypasses needs for human body interaction. UKI, the virus, borne out of E-trashscape, takes up the mission to infiltrate GENOM’s BIONET, to stop ORGANISMO production and reclaim the Original human orgasm.

UKI, a project following my previous film I.K.U. (, is conceived in two parts -

(1)UKI, live cinema live coding - artist residency at Hangar, barcelona, spring , 2009

(2)UKI, a viral game - workshop scenario developed at La Casa Encendida, fall, 2009,0,73552_2113167_73552$P1=16,00.html

UKI - a viral game in 4 levels

Take the game to the city. Infect the city. Mobilize the city. Enter the body. Enter the net. Hack the net.

No keyboard. No console. No station. Game on the move. body sensing. blood streaming.

UKI- a viral game in 4 levels -

Level 1 - Infecting Public – the multification of UKI virus – the virusRus.

Level 2 - Mobilize Virus UKI – launch UKI virus via mobilephone - gaming an access code

Level 3 - Enter the Bionet -Let the battle begins, there will be blood

Level 4 - Orgasmo Colectivo - End game with no end

UKI - level 2 - mobile game

developed during the playlab workshop jan 21-24, 2010


This game is to mobilize players as virus using mobilephone. To play this game is to hack a generic code based on 4 letters - CTGA. By random click on keyboards and try out 4 key alphabet combination, C.T.G.A. One plays to achieve gaining an access code, it is with this access code, one gets to enter the Bionet.

UKI - level 3- BIONET

The development of BIONET and virus happened on Feb 4-7, 2010.

The studies focus on

(1) The construct of the BIONET


(3) Enter the BIONET

(4) Scoring points & final orgasmo colectivo

The discussion for the game format

(1) the game in 3D environment



A protype game in processing is written by Alberado for demonstration.


to play this game, one click on up and down cursor for 7 level of virus state of (e)motion.

(2) a physical biometric game

A physical game propose setting up a soft-bionet that is moist, organic with temparature and humidity control. The players/virus is attached with body sensor (possibly GSR sensor), the sensor detects the playe's state of relaxation and stimulation in 7 levels. The 7 levels can be turned into sound data and also used to trigger virus' hacking mode, possibly by using Pure data patch and OSC external signal.